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What is CBD?

CBD is a term that many have heard of its capabilities even before knowing what exactly it is. It then must be an amazing product if we get to hear of its capabilities first, before laying our hands on it. In the simplest terms, CBD is the short form of cannabidiol, an extract compound of the hemp plant, a very close relative to the marijuana plant. In the cannabis family, the hemp plant is one of the exceptions which is allows for medicinal use.

Stop right there! CBD is not marijuana and will never make you high! Yes, we saw that question coming miles away.

CBD History

We can date CBD to the early 40’s when Professor Roger Adams of the University of Illinois first discovered the ‘powers’ of the CBD after extracting the CBD oil from the hemp plant for research. Since then, a lot of work has been put in studying the medicinal abilities of CBD, not to mention the hard task of setting it apart with the marijuana plant. As a result, the government has been working to ascertain whether or not CBD from the hemp plant is ideal for human and medicinal purposes. It was not until late 2018, that the federal government declared hemp plant specific CBD as legal in all the states of the United States of America. Notwithstanding, different state governments have over time put different levels of restrictions on the production, processing, carriage and use of CBD.

At Hustle Her Hemp, we ensure that our CBD is extracted from organically farmed hemp plants and extracted the right way to ensure that we get a pure extract. Our farmers who are mostly in Colorado and Florida practice farming as per the FDA and Hustle Her Hemp’s code of production, to ensure that we get our clients the best product. Not using pesticides and fertilizers go a long way in ensuring that we get a pure CBD extract.

When it comes to extraction, we apply the Co2 extraction process, which ensures that all external properties are left out and only pure CBD is taken to continue with the processing of our wide range of online CBD products.

CBD Benefits

When it comes to the benefits of CBD, there are dozens of them. For the young woman, Hustle Her Hemp has developed a wide range of products to make your life better by making you healthier naturally. Our product includes:

– CBD Tincture
– CBD Gummies
– CBD Liquid Leaf
– CBD Weight Loss Spray
– CBD Bath Bombs
– Java CBD Coffee
– What’s Her Tea Line

The use of the above products by our clients have resulted to positive feedback in regard to better management of among other conditions: insomnia, mood, stress, depression, anxiety, ADD, body pain, seizures, lupus just to mention but a few. Ultimately, continuous use of Hustle Her Hemp’s CBD products allow you to live a generally healthier life. This is our desire for you as you purchase and work with us as an affiliate.

Hustle Her Hemp Affiliate Program

Hustle Her Hemp allows you to come on board not only to purchase from us, but also to create a revenue stream for you in our CBD affiliate program. With all the issues that we go through as young women, we have the Hustle Her Hemp affiliate program as an ideal way to support each other and grow healthier and wealthier together. The more you sell, the more you make. Research has shown that there is a crazy growing popularity of CBD, and it’s just a matter of time that the demand for the CBD products sky rockets and you want to be on the better side of the spectrum when this happens. We are proud of our amazing affiliate compensation rates, all which are in our ‘Become an Affiliate’ page.

We have packaged our Hustle Her Hemp affiliate program to include some goodies to help bring that sexy back, not to mention happiness and wellness.

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