Her Mini Tin Tea

Her Mini Tin Tea


Our Mini Tins of Teas flavors give you a sample of our teas when you can’t decide. Each Tea Flavors have a variety of mouth-watering potent taste that will leave you wanting more. Our Her Mini Tea Tin come with a 4 tea satchels per Tin.

Our growing collection of mini tea tins are the perfect addition to any gift. The printed metal tins have tea steeping instructions & health benefits for all major types of tea. Each mini tin makes at least five 8-oz servings of tea.! They make great stocking stuffers around the holidays or a classy touch to any tea-lover’s gift. All Teas are Unique Blends and Medicinal Herbs that will leave lasting effects until your next cup. Please be sure to check our Tea Menu below before ordering. For more health and Wellness Products, Visit our store.


TEA SACHETS — Rest assured that our pyramid sachets are made of biodegradable starch material. Even the string and tags are attached by ultrasonic sealing and not glue.


Individually composed of rich flavors, our Non-CBD Tea is exclusive products of Hustle Her Hemp. It flourishes in a rich and diverse collection of traditional and medicinal teas, made from fine ingredients and passion for satisfying.


Nothing beats the delight of the Tahitian vanilla Rose Tea. It is a natural substitute for your breakfast meals, made from Oolong Tea, Rose Petals, Natural Flavor, contains Caffeine. Its abundance of vitamin C and antioxidants promotes a healthy heart, hair, and skin—a spot of tea for champions.


There is a pleasant surprise in every gulp. Uplifting and satisfying- basic descriptors. The Mango Amazon Tea is flavored with the unrivaled blend of Black Tea, with ripe mangoes, Marigold. The result is a refreshing tea caressed with a sensational burst of aroma and vitality.


Earl Grey Supreme is a natural substitute for a heartily afternoon tea-time. It is a sensational zesty Ceylon Tea with a final blend of Bergamot and Orange Peel. It is caffeine-free, incredibly aromatic, and has a flourishing feel that makes you alert.


Daily Detox Tea stems unique combination of Medicinal Herbs and Berries. Bringing tremendous health benefits, the ‘detox’ contains antioxidants, which is highly beneficial to your body. Caffeine-free and keeps you going all day long. Reward yourself with a cup of Daily Detox Tea.


Hustle Her Hemp’s signature, homeopathic tea, Elderberry Energy Tea brings quality in taste and health. This immune boosting tea is an organic green blend with the exclusive tropical feel of Elderberries, Mango, Kiwi, and passion fruits. A non-CBD tea with such remarkable benefits is rare to find! Adding the Elderberry Energy Tea to your collection means, an addition of richness and satisfaction. Cheers to good Health.

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